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  • For anyone who has visited our taproom in the last few weeks and has found our usual atmosphere of relaxing music and pleasant conversation replaced by the sounds of hammers, generators, and welders; we apologize. For those who remember the growing pains of childhood, you have something to relate to. Renegade is changing and growing. […]

  • The saying is painted on the wall of our taproom and in the hearts of our staff and patrons.
    Welcome to Renegade Brewing Company.
    We love beer.
    On June 26, 2011, the first Renegade beer was poured and served to an anticipating customer, but Renegade’s story goes a bit farther back than that. Brian O’Connell, a statistician and […]

  • Brian started serving beer at a young age. His father had a full bar in their family basement and would often ask little Brian to pour him a cold Genesee Crème Ale after a hard day’s work. Devious little Brian would sneak a few sips of foam off the top of Dad’s mug to ensure […]