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    When Laura moved to Colorado, she was afraid she wouldn’t fit in as a girl who would rather have a beer than a fru-fru cocktail. Laura obviously didn’t know a lot about Colorado. The thing is, Laura came from Wisconsin and grew a love for beer in a state that’s known for mass beer production. Though her first beers were a little more generic, her love for craft beer developed through college. As a poor college student, Laura wanted to find a way to hang out with her friends, drink good beer, and not spend a lot of money. She put together a facebook group that arranged for people to get together and go to nearby brewery tours. She drank, she learned, she fell in love with craft beer. After college, Laura moved to Colorado to pursue a master’s degree in counseling. To pay for graduate school, Laura worked as a server in a few beer bars. Soon, she realized she would rather talk to customers about beer than proceed in her counseling endeavors. As a regular at Renegade, she jumped at the opportunity to work at her favorite brewery. Since March 2012, Laura has enjoyed performing a variety of jobs at the brewery.

    headshot_LauraHere’s a little more about Laura in her own words:

    What is your job at Renegade? As the Ambassador of Beer Enjoyment I am the uniting factor between beer and people. I do a number of things here and there, but a mostly marketing, events, and helping out in the day-to-day for the company.
    What is your favorite part of your job? Seeing a small business bring people together. It happens in our taproom every day, at festivals, or even running into a familiar face at the grocery store. Small business is what builds community and we have a strong sense of community here.
    What is your favorite beer that Renegade makes? Redacted Rye IPA. It was the first beer I had and it kept me coming back. Over the years, it is still my go-to.
    What is your favorite Renegade memory? The first year we threw a block party was June 2013. It was huge and we weren’t prepared for the crowd, so I ran around frantically for most of the day. The last hour or so I finally slowed down enough to take in the night and it was beautiful. The community of Renegade staff, friends, and patrons all came together to celebrate. Every year it hits me; this is more than just a beer company.

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