Contrarian rendering x2 nb

Contrarian Imperial Pilsner

Our newest spring addition to the tapwall has also been released in cans for your enjoyment. Sweetness from the Pilsner Malt gently counters the mild peppery spice and moderate bitterness of the noble hops.  The extra malt needed to make this an Imperial shines through while maintaining the delicate Hop/malt balance.  Dextrin Malt contributes to the enhanced body, mouthfeel, and head retention.  Because this beer is unfilitered, the residual yeast in suspension offers flavors that are crisp, bright, and decidedly lacking in fruity esters.  The yeast also highlights the strong malty flavors that are characteristic of the style before finishing cleaner than you would expect from an 8% beer

ABV: 8%

IUB’s: 35

AVAILABLE: Currently on tap