• GABF: What’s it all about?

    When I first moved to Denver, I was but a craft beer enthusiast. I remember GABF 2008, my first as a Denver resident, so fondly. I was working at a small consulting firm of about 20 people at time. I remember that I convinced my team of about 5 or 6 people to duck out of work early (apologies to my former boss, Janine) and head to Falling Rock for a barrel aged Oskar Blues event. I can still remember sitting on that patio sipping barrel aged Old Chub and Ten Fidy, feeling intense joy and anticipation of the week.

    GABF week meant that I would spend every night sipping delicious beers and hanging out with friends. By the time the festival arrived on Friday, friends from around the country had flown in to join me and share some brews.

    That is what has always drawn me to beer, the people. You can see that theme running through our taproom and our beers to this day. We don’t have TV’s, instead we have games. We encourage people to bring a friend or make one. Of course, we take our beer seriously as well, but taking your work seriously and yourself seriously are not necessary bedfellows.

    This is the reason for our GABF event, Offensively Delicious: A Craft Beer Comedy Show. Beer is my passion, don’t get me wrong, but the industry has a tendency to take itself a bit seriously at times. As a result it can take advantage of the consumer by charging you upwards of $100 to taste some beers.  Offensively Delicious is there to remind us that beer is fun! And our $2 beer night is a reminder that beer is to celebrated rather than using GABF as an excuse to raid your pockets. In a society that rates everything from restaurants to carpenters to the best celebrity dancer, sometimes it is necessary to remind ourselves that we should just sit back relax, tell a few jokes and chill the fuck out. Really, must we always debate what is best of the subjective?

    Here comes the blasphemy: you don’t always want or need to analyze the aroma and flavor nuances. Is that hop character lemon or more orange? Or what’s that note of spice, is it yeast character or is there an actual spice in there and if so what spice is it? Go ahead and form your opinion, but are you able to properly discern that beer from a tiny sample? Sometimes it’s hard to know if you enjoy a beer unless you drink a full pint of it while hanging with your friends. Samples and tastings are great, but sometimes you just want to drink that pint in your hand.

    Offensively Delicious is a chance to sit back for a night and say who gives a fuck?! Grab a beer and have a raucous good time with your friends! Laugh! Be loud! Leave the good beer to us. We guarantee we’ll only bring in delicious beers for you, you don’t need to tell us why they are good or which one is best (hint: we know and we don’t care). We won’t overwhelm you with 8000 choices. Instead, try about 30 brews then don’t think about it too hard, just grab a couple you like and have some full pints.

    You know all you need to know about the beer, but what you haven’t had the chance to experience is the funny, fabulous people behind it. At Offensively Delicious, you’ll see the personalities behind the beer. Ever wonder what it’s like to hang out with brewers? Offensively Delicious is just that. It’s a look behind the scenes at the slapstick bullshit that brewers do every day while making delicious brews.

    Take the evening as a whole, great beer, great company, great laughs. Enjoy life, turn off the worries. As the great poet and philosopher Roger Clyne once said, “Any hurries we can delay, and worries we can belay” and “Here’s to life!”. So make GABF what you want it to be, but I hope to see you at Offensively Delicious. I’ll be the one turning children’s movies into cheap masturbation jokes.


    Tickets start at just $30, all ticket levels include beer


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