• Renegade is getting some Sweet Action



    Beer and ice cream, are there two better things? To celebrate the Great American Beer Festival, Sweet Action Ice Cream at 52 Broadway in Denver combines these two for a dairy delight (or vegan!).
    Since Chia of Sweet Action is so intelligent, has good taste, and an awesome beard, he chose two of Renegade’s beers to use in this annual ice cream spectacular. Elevation and Hammer and Sickle were selected to be in two of these creations. The smooth and bitter flavors in Elevation are beautifully accented in the Vegan Maple Pale Ale. The Hammer and Sickle plays an important part of the Russian Rocky Road.

    Let’s see how this all happens.

    Step 1: Chia goes drinking. With a flavor profile in his mind and a thirst in his belly, Chia stepped into Renegade earlier this week. After a good night of “tasting” it was decided: Hammer and Sickle and Elevation would become ice cream legends.

    Step 2: Flatten the beer. Carbonation does funny stuff to ice cream. Though air is a crucial ingredient in ice cream, the carbonation in beer messes with texture and consistency. The beer is either set out or whisked until all carbonation is gone. Some ice cream makers may reduce beer to a syrup or even use unfermented wort in the ice cream. Sweet Action does neither of these because reducing beer will change the flavor and unfermented wort is NOT beer. Sweet Action uses beer. Simple.

    Step 3: Make a base. The base of Sweet Action’s diary ice cream is milk, cream, and sugar. For the Russian Rocky Road, some chocolate is added to this basic mixture. Then comes the beer! The result of this is a chocolatey, roasted, slightly beer-flavored liquid. It’s a good start.

    Step 4: Chill. This contraption is called a batch freezer. The goal of making a smooth, delicious ice cream is to cool it down fast. That’s what this does. The previous mixture is cooled and air is added until it reaches the consistency of a soft serve. It starts to look a lot like ice cream.

    Step 5: Add some awesome. This is when Sam adds marshmallow swirl, almonds (both roasted and candied), and miniature marshmallows. Using her ice cream strengthened arms, she swirls it all together. When cooled, the flavor of the stout really comes through. The combination of a delicious Russian Imperial Stout, chocolate, marshmallow, and almond is rich, roasted, and dangerous.

    Step 6: Keep cooling. Once mixed, this soft ice cream gets put into a blast freezer that sits at -30F. Again, it’s important to cool ice cream as fast as possible to keep that smooth texture. Once it reaches the desire hardness, the ice cream is moved into this massive cooler. Vegan Maple Pale Ale and Russia Rocky Road are not the only beer ice cream flavors being highlighted for Denver Beer Week and GABF. Sweet Action has made concoctions with beer from Great Divide, Breckenridge, Copper Kettle, and other local breweries. These amazing desserts are served at Sweet Action starting tomorrow and lasting (hopefully) all week. Not only can you grab a scoop, you can make your own six-pack of beer ice cream pints!

    But that’s not all! While supplies last, if you get a Renegade inspired ice cream you get a coupon for a FREE PINT of beer at Renegade. Does it get any better?

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