• Renegade just got a little bigger

    For anyone who has visited our taproom in the last few weeks and has found our usual atmosphere of relaxing music and pleasant conversation replaced by the sounds of hammers, generators, and welders; we apologize. For those who remember the growing pains of childhood, you have something to relate to. Renegade is changing and growing. While the process is noisy, messy, and a little smelly, we are extremely excited about what is on the way.
    Hopefully you have discovered our new addition of Ryeteous pint cans. Our first batch hit liquor store shelves in late June with a warm welcome. The first two batches produced a little over 2,400 cans, but we decided that is not enough. Recently installed is a 30 barrel fermenter that can turn 930 gallons of sweet hop-water into roughly 5,000 cans of delicious IPA. Next to that sits an equal-sized bright tank to ensure your Renegade brews are clear, crisp, and well-carbonated. The Ryeteous will move directly from this tank to a can.
    These 16 ounces of pure delight need a place to go where they can stay cold and happy until continuing their quest for your fridge. For this purpose, we have expanded our cooler. Next time you find yourself in the taproom, take a look through the viewing window to see the next batch waiting for their new home. Where do these fantastic 4-packs go? Well, just click the “FIND BREWS” banner on your left to locate your nearest Ryeteous-selling liquor store.
    So please be patient with us in this time of growth and transition; trust that it is all for the best. Next time you crack open a can, I think you’ll agree that it’s worth it.

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