• Where Does Craft Beer Taste Best? (#totheRenegades)

    Where Does Craft Beer Taste Best?


    There is a lot that goes into the flavor of a craft beer, the malt, hops, different strains of yeast, the adjuncts, the passion, the creativity. . . etc. But what else affects the flavor of your beer? Could the physical location in which you enjoy that bubbly brew actually impact your enjoyment of that beverage? We like to think so.

    It has become fairly common to snap a picture of a canned Colorado craft brew atop a fourteener or in some natural spot out in the Colorado wilderness. And, why wouldn’t it be? Colorado has great natural scenery making a beautiful backdrop for quaffable craft brew. But, Renegades know that the forbidden fruit is the sweetest.

    While drinking a beer on top of a mountain is pretty fucking cool, nobody is going to tell you not to do it. Plus you have to get all the way up that mountain before you can enjoy it.

    At Renegade, we think, sometimes the best tasting brew is the one you drink while subtly flipping the rules the finger. We must abide by so many rules and social customs throughout our daily lives that bringing a beer into a routine task can provide a lot of satisfaction.

    Living life as a Renegade is hard work, always going against the status quo. You need to unwind a little, and what better way than the leash of your trusty four-legged friend in one hand, and a Redacted in the other? Yes, technically illegal, but so is smoking weed in public and when is the last time you went through a day without smelling it?

    Renegades challenge the culture when it can improve the lives of those around them. Office life can be restrictive and culturally rigid. I’m not talking to those of you that work on bean bag chairs and have naptime at work. I’m talking to those of you that have to put on a mask and be something you’re not for 8-10 hours a day. Throw a beer in the mix and crack open a can of 5:00 on your desk. Who says you have to wait for the clock to strike 5?

    Renegades drink what they want, when they want.  The strong arm tactics of venue capitalism don’t dictate the choices of a Renegade. Endpoint would make a perfect little friend to smuggle across the border of Red Rocks or Coors Field to share with friends as you enjoy these beautiful venues. After all it “Parties Like a 12-pack and Carries Like a 4” so it’s a lot of beer in a small smuggling package.

    Here is my point, Colorado is more than just mountains and rivers, as beautiful as they are, and life is more than just following rules and social protocol, as necessary as they are. We are here to be the little devil on your shoulder.

    Send us your pics (which means Instagram us or hashtag us or whatever the fuck social media you do that I am completely ignorant about*) of you drinking Renegade beer in a place you aren’t supposed to and get entered for a chance to win a hat, t-shirt, and 32 ounce hydroflask growler. We will pick one winner per quarter, but we’ll showcase photos on our facebook page throughout the year.

    Now after saying fuck the rules, here are the rules. Don’t be a fucking dumbass about this, and no, we won’t pay your ticket/bail/get you out of trouble with your boss/refund your ticket for getting kicked out of Red Rocks. Renegades take responsibility for their own actions. Finally, don’t disrespect people while doing this, Renegades challenge people, but they do it with respect. Oh and definitely don’t litter. When you finish that can while walking the neighborhood at least find a dumpster to throw it in, if not a recycle bin.

    Have fun with this! I can’t wait to see your pics!

    -Brian O’Connell, Chief Beer Officer


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