Brian started serving beer at a young age. His father had a full bar in their family basement and would often ask little Brian to pour him a cold Genesee Crème Ale after a hard day’s work. Devious little Brian would sneak a few sips of foam off the top of Dad’s mug to ensure a proper pour. While Brian knew he liked beer, he decided to follow his dream of becoming a statistician instead. Not really, no kid dreams of becoming a statistician. Regardless, that’s the path Brian went down for some time.

Brian followed his thirst for beer to the Great American Beer Festival one fall and thought that he would plan a little job interview while he was in Denver. Turns out he was a statistician wizard (who might have smelled a little like beer) and he got the job. With his wife Khara and his dog Rogue, he moved out to Denver.

Brian’s love for beer and homebrewing had him thinking about more than algorithms at his desk. Brian has always loved small business and saw great opportunity for beer in Denver. With a lot of strategy and planning, he and his wife Khara created a business plan that turned into the brewery you know and love.

Here’s some more fun facts about Brian in his own words.

What your job is at Renegade?
Everything. You name it, I either do it now or have in the past. Officially though, I am the Chief Beer Officer.

What is your favorite part of your job?
Seeing people in my taproom, spending their free time to have a few laughs with friends and enjoy something that I created.

What’s your favorite beer Renegade makes?
Redacted, Endpoint, Hammer, Redacted, Hiatus, Consilium, Redacted. I guess maybe Redacted.