“Why cans?”

Well, all the cool new breweries are doing it so we thought we would jump on the bandwagon because we just want to be cool like them.

Just kidding; that’s f*ing stupid.

The reason that many breweries are starting to package their beer in cans is simple: they’re just better. Here are a few reasons that cans are amazing.

1. Oxidation: Something that hurts beer is our dear friend, oxygen. We need oxygen, we love beer, oxygen hurts beer. Since we cannot do without beer or oxygen, we must find a way to keep them apart. When beer is put in a glass bottle, it is pressurized to keep out oxygen and sealed with a metal cap. The problem is that the metal cap can only be clamped onto the glass so hard before the glass breaks. While the seal is usually sufficient, it can leave room for little particles of O2 to slip in. That’s a problem. Cans are made of two pieces of aluminum, a bottom sleeve and a top lid. The lid is placed on the sleeve and these two pieces are rolled up and pinched. Unlike glass, you can pinch the shit out of aluminum and it won’t break. That makes a better seal which keeps out that nasty oxygen.

2. Light Struck Beer: When beer is light struck it means that there is damage from exposure to light. Beer bottles are tinted brown in order to reduce the damage of light on the beer. While the tinting limits the harm done, it does not eliminate the damage altogether. Cans, however, do not let any light in. They are aluminum, it’s really fairly simple.

3. Recycling: Cans have less of an impact on our environment. Both cans and glass are recyclable, but cans require less energy to recycle. This only works if you recycle your cans, so you should do that.

4. Mobility: Cans are easier to take places. When full, aluminum can be knocked around with a lesser chance of breaking and are significantly lighter. When empty, cans weigh much less than empty bottles and can be stomped and carried with greater ease. We are a Colorado brewery so we want a vessel that’s convenient for our campers, hikers, bikers, backpackers, rafters, climbers…whatever you like to do, it’s likely easier to do with a can than a bottle.

5. Law-abiding: Many public facilities do not allow bottles due to the danger of broken glass, but cans are no problem! (Check with parks or recreational facilities before trying to bring in canned beer)

Some think that aluminum makes beer taste bad, and that’s because it used to. The aluminum of a can once made beer taste metallic. The good news is that those days are over. Today, a water-based polymer lining separates beer from aluminum, ensuring a fresh non-metallic taste.
So there you have it, cans are awesome! Pick up a 6-pack today!