We love beer.

On June 26, 2011, the first Renegade beer was poured and served to an anticipating customer, but Renegade’s story goes a bit farther back than that. Brian O’Connell, a statistician and homebrewer had dreams of brewing for years. He was very involved in a local homebrewing club and with the support of his wife, Khara, started to plan to turn his hobby into his job. For years, Brian read books about starting a business and talked to brewers in the area and started construction in March 2011 at 925 W. 9th Avenue and opened that June.

Ever wonder where the name Renegade came from?

Brian’s secret dream was to be the leader of a motorcycle gang and labeled as a renegade by society.

Just kidding.

Really, the name came from the rebellious spirit Brian has towards beer definitions and guidelines. The passion behind our beer comes from a vision for what we want our beer to be about. Our beer is about quality, flavor, and a certain level of risk. Here at Renegade, you might be surprised to find a light-colored coffee ale or a full-bodied pilsner. The beer that is made on the other side of our taproom window isn’t made to fit a stereotype to appease simple tastes; the beer is made out of passion and prospect. The many, fantastic breweries in Colorado can provide for the needs of someone looking for a light or mild beer, but for those looking for a bold, flavorful beer experience—Renegade will deliver.

As our brewing company grows from two employees (Brian and Khara) with just a few beers on tap to a 7-day busy taproom with a dedicated staff team, we are happy to invite you into our gang. We will soon be moving into 16 oz. can distribution and extending our gaze a little wider. Look for our name in restaurants, liquor stores, newspapers, or where you’ll always find it—in our neighborhood taproom.

Drink Renegade, be a Renegade. You’re in good company.