The inspiration for this stout starts with a familiar story—Brian was drinking. But wait, this time it’s a little different. Brian was drinking coffee. Our friends at Novo Coffee Roasters have two retail locations where you can get some amazing drinks made by talented baristas. Brian and Khara were visiting the location on Glenarm by 16th Street and tried a mocha cappuccino made with Berbere spiced drinking chocolate.  Berbere is a blend of paprika, salt, cayenne, fenugreek, coriander, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and clove.

Novo was introduced to the spice through their coffee trade with a company called Ninety Plus. Ninety Plus sources (as well as grows in Panama) coffee by working with farmers in more than 40 countries. In their travels they discovered Berbere, a native spice to Ethiopia. The spice is often used on meat, but the reason Renegade likes Novo so much is their experimentation and willingness to push the limits on flavors. Novo has done an excellent job at incorporating Berbere into coffee and chocolate drinks at their two locations.

Renegade’s Berbere creation is a high-alcohol stout that mimics the coffee and chocolate flavors found in Novo’s drinking chocolate. We used coffee malt (roasted barley) and added chocolate to the brew. The Berbere spice was added into the boil and fermented along with the beer.