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10 Best Beer Taps of 2021 – Beer Faucet Reviews

You might not consider beer faucets as a big deal when you think of designing your own bar or brewery, but they are essential brewery equipment. Besides, they can have a big impression on customers, especially when pouring the beer into a glass.

Beer faucets are not only for bars but also for homes. Therefore, you can get your favorite beer with a perfectly poured pint at the comfort of your couch. If you’re a homebrewer and need to dispense a lot of beer, a beer faucet will be beneficial. But what makes an excellent beer faucet? Below, we’ll discuss the top 10 best beer faucets for you to get the answer to that question.

Quick Pick: Best Beer Taps & Faucet


The best beer Tap on the market 2021

1. TALOS Beer Faucet- All Brass Draft Beer Keg Tap

TALOS Beer Faucet, Beer Tap, All Brass Draft Beer Keg Tap with Well-Pouring, Beer Tap Faucet For American Beer Shanks and Towers, TL-1011001

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Talos is a trusted company for its quality products, and this beer faucet is not an exception. It is ideal for dispensing wine, beer, and homebrew without too much foam.

Our impression of this Talos beer faucet is excellent. We appreciate that it is made of a top-quality forged brass material to resist wearing and tearing. Besides, it ensures that your beer retains its original taste without developing other off-flavors.

The faucet has a lovely user-friendly design that simplifies your operation experience. For instance, the tap has a straightforward structure for easy disassembling when you want to do the cleanup, making it ideal for bar businesses.

We appreciate that it gives a perfect pour for every glass with less foaming and agitation. Besides, you won’t see any stickiness when operating this tap, making it an ideal choice if you want a freshly brewed beer every day.

Adaptability is another feature we like about this beer faucet since you can use it in various ways. You can attach it to a kegerator tower, jockey box, refrigerator door, through a wall, and many other places because it matches standard American faucets.

Despite its remarkable features, the tap has a few minor flaws starting with its difficulty closing and opening. Not to mention, you might find it expensive depending on your pocket.

On the whole, Talos is a recommendable tap that does a great job in dispensing beer. After all, if you’re looking for simplicity in a faucet, Talos beer faucet is an ideal option.


  • It is adaptable in a variety of uses
  • Installation is a breeze
  • It has a user-friendly design
  • Made of high-quality material that is susceptible to wear and tear
  • It gives you a perfect pour


  • Sometimes it can be hard to close and open
  • It is a little pricey

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2. Bev Rite CPCCM201 Draft Beer Faucet

Bev Rite CPCCM201 Draft Beer Faucet and Shank Kit, Qty 1, Chrome

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If you want to build your old fridge into a kegerator, this will do a great job more than a draft beer faucet. In the package, you’ll find a tap handle, 4-inch shank kit, and the spout. So it comes with everything you need.

One of the critical features we adore about the faucet is its handle. You can conveniently attach it with the help of the shank kit, which is quite remarkable. Although the handle is a little delicate, it does a great job in dispensing your beer.

On top of that, the handle is flexible, and you can easily remove it to replace it with something more customized and decorative. Unless you have a different taste or preference, we find the handle functional and unique in its simplistic nature.

We are also delighted with this faucet’s construction as it is made of high-quality chrome-plated brass mold. The material is elegant and shines bright when you keep it clean. After all, the tap won’t give you a challenging time cleaning.

In case you’re on a tight budget and might not afford to buy expensive brands, this beer faucet has a fair price. It is cheap yet works perfectly well like others. Besides, it is a perfect buy because it includes the handle and shank kit.

Our only concern with the faucet is that it can stick from time to time and the fact that it is not commercial grade type. And for that matter, you might be disappointed if you’re looking for customized designs, robustness, and taps meant for a heavy-duty workload.

In general, this piece is fabulous, and despite its slight flaw, it can dispense beer from your kegerator smoothly. Besides, it is cheap if you’re not willing to go for brands with higher prices.


  • It is made of a material that is easy to clean
  • It has a pocket-friendly price
  • It comes with a handle and shank kit
  • It is easy to fix and remove the handle
  • Beautifully shines bright when clean


  • You might experience stickiness when using the tap
  • It is not commercial grade

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3. Jansamn Type Kegerator, Sankey D Tap with Stainless Steel Probe

Jansamn Type Kegerator, Sankey D Tap With Stainless Steel Probe, Keg Coupler D System With Black Handle & Hose Clamp, D Style

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Jansamn is a stainless steel faucet for Sankey kegs or American kegs. It comes with tails, coupler, and hose clamps for a perfect dispensing of your beer.

One thing that makes this tap unique is that it comes with all the components you might need to dispense your beer. For instance, you’ll need a hose, tank, regulator, or beer faucet to get the gas out of the regulator to a coupler while dispensing your beer.

We appreciate the pressure relief valve of the tap because it opens automatically at about 53 psi. As a result, you can reduce the risk of beer leaks and the screaming noise from high flow velocities. And that’s why we believe that the faucet is stable and reliable.

The tap is easy to use and lock, so you won’t have any hard time operating. After dispensing your beer, all you have to do is tap the coupler to keg, pull the handle outwards, and then down to latch. Even if it’s your first time, you can still do it without being instructed.

That aside, we are genuinely amazed by the material used to construct this exceptional faucet. It is made of stainless steel to resist wear and tear and ensure that your favorite beer does not change its flavor.

On the negative side, the faucet doesn’t come with instructions, probably because it is straightforward to operate. Additionally, if the check valve is not fitted well in the tap, C02 might leak.

All that said and done, Jansamn is a very lovely tap coupler that is constructed with a rigid material of chrome-plated brass to serve you a lifetime. It has a unique handle that does look not only good but also super easy to operate.


  • It is made of high-quality material to last long
  • It is super easy to use and lock
  • It comes with all necessary components
  • Can fit multiple kegs
  • Maintains the taste of your beer


  • It does not come with instructions
  • C02 might leak if the check valve fails to fit the tap

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4. Perlick 630SS Stainless Steel Draft Beer Faucet (Our Top Pick)

Perlick 630SS Stainless Steel Draft Beer Faucet

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You’ll undoubtedly love the Perlick beer faucet due to its excellent looks and incredible features. Besides, you won’t experience a hard time opening and closing, nor stickiness while operating.

When it comes to constructing this faucet, it is made of tremendously high-grade stainless steel to avoid wear and tear. The tap will not tarnish or pit and won’t cause off-flavors in your beer. Besides, this tap’s making limits you to use it for dispensing beer and wine.

We are truly amazed by the patented forward sealing design of the beer faucet because, in the future, you won’t need a valve shaft after exposure to air and beer. Your faucet will retain its brand new looks even after years of use.

The faucet has a noticeable spout angle and polished finish to prevent beer from collecting on the inside. Additionally, your beer dripping chances are minimal, and the tap won’t have a sticking problem while operating.

Apart from its thoughtful design, we appreciate the faucet’s sleek look and how well it is polished. We believe it will compliment your beautiful home despite where you want to fix it. Furthermore, your visitors will undoubtedly enjoy every pour that comes out of this elegant faucet.

The only thing that we find quite frustrating is that the faucet doesn’t come with a handle or shank kit. If you might need to do any fixing, you will be forced to buy the equipment separately. Another flaw is how the handle makes a loud noise every time you use it.

Since flaws are typical in any product, we consider Perlick as one of the best faucets you’ll find in the market due to its remarkable and extraordinary design.


  • It has a beautiful polished interior
  • It is made of tough stainless steel
  • Chances of sticking and dripping are negligible
  • No need for a valve shaft in the future use of the tap
  • It is also suitable for wine


  • It does not come with a handle or shank kit
  • The handle makes a loud sound

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5. Draft Beer Adjustable Faucet – PERA Brand

Draft Beer Adjustable Faucet - PERA Brand Include Beer Faucet, Flow Controller, Chrome Plating Shank G5/8 Tap for Home Brew

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With this excellent Draft Beer Adjustable Faucet, you’ll be in full control of your beer’s flow. It is easy to operate, and even after use, cleaning is a breeze.

The faucet features a stainless steel construction that is safe and healthy for food-related things. So, you have nothing to worry about because this beer faucet resists corrosion, does not stain, tarnish, or rust. Besides, it will offer a more robust and more dependable functionality in your future homebrew projects.

We are highly grateful that the tap offers you 100% flow control of your beer. It is quick and won’t waste much of your time waiting for your camping growler to fill. Since it is adjustable, you can change to full flow for fast refilling.

We appreciate that you can use this tap in various places as it is constructed to suit hotels, bars, restaurants, and homebrew. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you want to fix it because it is meant for wide use.

On top of that, the ease of use is another remarkable feature. We all want something comfortable to operate with minimal effort, and this tap fills that gap. Besides, you’ll be impressed by how it cleans easily after use.

On the downside, this tap is expensive to purchase compared to similar models. Also, disassembling to clean might be taxing.

In general, a draft beer adjustable faucet is a lovely model that will give you full control depending on how you want to pour your beer. You can adjust the flow of your drink from the tap without necessarily affecting the system pressure.


  • It is adjustable
  • Made of strong stainless steel material
  • It is easy to use
  • Cleaning is a breeze with this faucet
  • You can use it in different places, including bars and hotels


  • It is costly
  • It can be challenging to disassemble

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6. MRbrew Upgraded Beer Tap Faucet

MRbrew Upgraded Beer Faucet, All Commercial 304 Stainless Steel Draft Beer Keg Tap, Beer Tap with Well-Pouring, For American Beer Shanks and Towers

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MRbrew Upgraded Beer Faucet is all stainless steel from the interior to exterior, a solid construction, and less susceptible to wear and tear. It is flexible and easy to operate.

We appreciate the healthy composition of this tap. It is highly food-grade and free of any unsafe chromium compounds. So, you can drink from this faucet without the worry of consuming harmful substances. It gives you an enjoyable drinking experience filled with green life.

Like we mentioned earlier, the tap is constructed with stainless steel inside out, which is quite impressive when it comes to durability. Also, you won’t experience any corrosion and unwanted flavors in your beer because the faucet will forever remain new.

When it comes to cleaning, you’ll have an easy time because the tap’s structure is pretty reasonable and straightforward. Since sanitation is a crucial phase of your home brewing, all you need to do is disassemble the faucet and clean it regularly.

Moreover, this MRbrew faucet has a noteworthy flexible top lever that doesn’t stick when in use. Besides, you’ll have a fabulous experience due to less foaming and agitation, not a chance of dripping, and an excellent pouring that minimizes beverage loss.

The only thing we don’t like about this tap is that opening and closing can become difficult. Again, if not closed well, it might leak, which is quite disappointing.

In summation, this faucet will undoubtedly serve you long without any issues because it is reliable, unbeatable, and made of high-quality material.  Furthermore, its flexible operation is beyond compare.


  • It is wholly constructed of stainless steel
  • Easy to install
  • It is flexible to operate
  • Cleans easily
  • It is free of any harmful compounds


  • The tap might be a little taxing to open and close
  • It might leak if not tightened

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7. Bev Rite Stainless Steel Tap Faucet

Bev Rite Stainless Steel Faucet All 304 Grade SS Contact Beer Tap, Standard American, Polished

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Bev Rite is a standard faucet that will surprise you with its remarkable features. It is widely used in various bars due to its smooth operation and excellent pour.

The faucet has an attractive appearance with a very smooth polished finish to complement your home or well-designed restaurant. Indeed, it is an ideal choice for those looking for something decent to attract everyone’s attention, especially in bars. If you’re a bar business person, it will probably increase your profits.

When it comes to durability and longevity, this faucet is constructed to serve you a lifetime. The body, lever, and shaft are wholly made of 304-grade stainless steel to ensure it lasts long and that your beverage is not contaminated.

Also, we are genuinely impressed by this faucet’s adaptability since it can fit standard North American towers and shanks and still maintain a smooth operation on both. So, you have nothing to worry about because your purchase won’t go in vain.

We love this piece because you can use it if both your homebrew and wine. If you like switching your drinks from time to time, it doesn’t limit you to one glass. Today you can use it to dispense beer and tomorrow wine for a change.

The main problem is that if you don’t use the tap all day long, it might stick and even sticks more as days go by. Also, this model is not sufficient for nitrogen beers unless you’re willing to take your chances.

Altogether, Bev Rite Stainless Steel Faucet deserves your purchase considering its sanitary and durable material. It is easy to disassemble when you want to do your cleaning. Moreover, apart from beer, you can also use it for other beverages like water, coffee, and wine.


  • Disassembling the tap is very basic to allow easy cleaning
  • Great for use with wine, beer, water, and coffee
  • It ensures smooth operation and easy pouring
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • It is a commercial grade


  • The tap sticks, if you don’t use it consistently
  • It is not ideal for nitrogen beers

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8. Stout Beer and Coffee Faucet

Stout Beer and Coffee Faucet 304 Grade Stainless Steel - Nitrogen Draught Faucet Nitro Coffee Faucet

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You can use this faucet to pour your beer and coffee whenever you have friends coming over or a family gathering. The tap has an enchanting look to complement your beautiful house, and we undoubtedly believe you’ll love it.

We are genuinely amazed by the faucet’s stainless steel material because it can persevere the acidity of your beverages, particularly coffee. Also, you won’t have a hard time dealing with corrosion with this model.

The faucet’s versatility is noteworthy since you can use it to dispense Beamish, Murphy’s, Guinness, and other nitrogen beers. Even if you want to serve a traditional style ale using this faucet in the future, you’re still not restricted.

When pouring ales and lagers, you can remove the restrictor disc fitted on the inside to replace it with a C02 gas setup. Since you won’t find this feature in the most faucet, we feel it needs to be acknowledged and applauded.

Not forgetting, we are genuinely hats off with this faucet’s threading design because it can facilitate many branded tap handles. If you love elegantly designed or customized branded handles, the tap will put a smile on your face.

However, we are not glad to tell you that the tap might start dripping and leaking over time. Again, you might have a sticky mess on your tray at the end of the day after several servings.

All in all, this is a unique stout beer and coffee faucet that will blend perfectly well with your classily designed house. Besides, it is compatible with most standard shanks and towers for you to dispense your nitro beers


  • It has a terrific simple design
  • It is compatible with almost all branded tap handles
  • It delivers a perfect and creamer nitro pour
  • It facilitates standard beer towers and shanks
  • Great for dispensing a wide range of nitro beers


  • It might continuously drip and leak
  • It leaves a sticky mess after several servings

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9. KegWorks Beer Tap Faucet

1 X Draft Beer Faucet with Brass Lever- Chrome

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KegWorks meets the standards of making a beer faucet since its brands are easy to use and 100% functional. With this tap faucet, you can pour almost all types of brew styles at the comfort of your home.

Among the features we like about it is that it can attach easily to shanks and towers, including North American shank and any kegerator. So, if you want to buy several for various uses, you can be sure that this piece offers maximum versatility.

In terms of appearance, you’ll love its elegant sweet finish and how it shines brightly across the room, thanks to its chrome plating. We believe that it will look great on your bar kegerator enough to catch the attention of your customers.

We love its small size and smooth edges because you’ll have an easy time cleaning. If possible, we would recommend you keep your tap every day to avoid stickiness and unwanted flavors in your beer.

If you don’t have enough money to purchase an expensive beer faucet, you have nothing to worry about because this piece is affordable. With a few dollars, you can get it fixed in your home brewing beer system.

Since everything has a negative side, even this faucet has a flaw. You might experience stickiness when trying to close and open. Again, the tap may start leaking over time, but it all depends on how you use it.

When considering everything, we can say this is a spectacular tap that allows you to pour your favorite lager and ale from any tower or shank of your choice. Furthermore, it is affordable and super easy to clean due to its small size.


  • It is small with smooth edges making it easy to clean
  • Allows you to pour most lagers and ales
  • It is affordable for those on a budget
  • Can attach to various towers and shanks
  • It has a stunning appearance


  • You might experience stickiness with the tap
  • It might start leaking over time

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10. TOSUNY 3-1/8 Inch Long Shank Beer Faucet

TOSUNY 3-1/8 Inch Long Shank Beer Faucet Stainless Steel Core Draft Beer Tap Faucet No Rust Durable Strong Wear Resistant Chrome Plated Beer Faucet Standard American Beer Tap + 1 Tap Soother Cover

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Tosuny is a popularly known American brand that focuses on quality bar supply and homebrew equipment, including this exceptional dispensing tool.

The first notable feature about this long shank beer faucet is its well-made premium metals that are acid-resistant, strong, and durable. That aside, the construction ensures that there are no contaminants in your beer, and the delicious taste of it remains.

We also appreciate the faucet’s stylish and noble appearance design as it compliments your beautiful carbonated beer system into a more elegant look. It is an excellent choice if the decency of what you buy is a crucial factor to you.

In terms of usability, this long shank faucet is applicable in many ways. Therefore, you can use it to connect your beer pipes on cabinets, refrigerator doors, and walls without worrying about it not fitting well. And that’s why most homebrewers like it for their projects.

Moreover, you’ll have less foam and no leaks with this tap because it is sealed inside with excellent and safe rubber gaskets. So, there is no worry of your beer leaking as it gives you a smooth and powerful flow right into your glass with less foam.

While sanitation is vital for home brewing, you have to do it regularly with this tap if you don’t want your beer to result in off flavors. We also think a wrench is necessary to turn the tap, but you’ll have to buy it separately.

Since the few flaws are not a big deal-breaker, Tosuny is an outstanding tap that offers you excellent features while delivering a delicious taste of your beer. Besides, it is the ultimate choice for home brewing.


  • It has an elegant and bright appearance
  • It gives you a long-lasting using experience
  • Built with high-quality material to resist rust and wear out
  • Keeps the taste of your beer delicious
  • You can use it in a variety of ways


  • Requires regular cleaning to ensure the beer tastes good
  • You might need a tap wrench

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What to consider buying beer faucets

Beer Taps

Whether you want to dispense your beer from kegerators, beer tanks, or other containers, you require an operational beer faucet. And since there are many types of faucets that you can buy from the market, we’ll take you through some of the factors to consider before making a purchase.

The filling system

Are you using a pressure system to dispense the beer or using an automated system for that task? Primarily, most local brewers use pressures gasket to serve the liquid. Therefore, they need a faucet that they can easily tap and control its pouring.

For the automated system, these faucets automatically pour the liquids when they sense the presence of glass or any drinking container and mechanically stop when the vessel is full.

Tap towers

If you are using a kegerator to serve the drink, you probably have fastened the tap on its tap tower. Tap tower is the stem that holds the faucets. Depending on the jars’ size to fill, acquire a facet with an adjustable tap tower that accommodates both small and large-sized drinking jars.


Consider buying the faucets with accessories like screw removing tools, cleaning facilities, and the faucets locks. With the screw removing devices, they help adjust the faucet’s size or fix a loosen one.

Also, consider cleaning equipment like brushes and washing substances that remove dirt and rusts that damage a faucet. Not to mention, there are faucets lock that guards your tap against snoopers.

Nature of the faucets

There are plenty of materials made with faucets. First, you would opt to acquire a wooden tap that looks more natural, unique, stylish, and affordable. But with the wetness of the place or the acid beers like ciders, the rigid material can tear.

You could also consider the typical metallic taps. But not all metals are suitable. Some brass taps wear-off quickly due to the corrosion of acidic drinks or rusting hence changing the taste of a drink with these rusts or corrodes.

On a lighter note, stainless steel would be the best because they sparkle when polished, are sturdy, durable, and free from corrosion or rusting.

Types of handle

If you’re looking for a comfortable faucet, you might want to consider a stylish and branded handle made with cushioned grip. You can also arrange with a dealer who makes you a handle representing your brand’s logo or symbol. Else, a durable and comfortable handle would do a great job.

Handle height

Just like the tap tower, the handle height matters a lot. In this case, consider short handles that are easy to grip and control. However, with long handles, they are heavy and break easily.

Filling mechanism

Whether you twist the tap in clockwise mode, press it once, or jerk it to pour the content, it depends on how fast you do it. The fewer twists, the more you serve a larger crowd. For an efficient brewing experience, you can use automatic fillers which pour the liquid without control.


Beer faucets are constructed differently, but you won’t have significant issues pouring your favorite lager and traditional ale with the best model. A remarkable faucet is easy to operate and attaches to most towers and shanks without the need for any line adjustment.

Therefore, if we were to choose our favorite beer faucet model from the above list, Perlick 630SS Stainless Steel Draft Beer Faucet, due to its well-thought design, beautifully polished, and tough enough to last long.

You’ll have an easy time operating because it does not stick nor drip. Besides, you can use it to dispense your wine, and in the future, it will never ask for a valve shaft, which is quite impressive and worth a purchase.

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