How Many Calories in Beer

How Many Calories in Beer? (Chart)

Beer contains so-called empty calories from carbs and alcohol without a significant amount of nutrients. Some simple carbs can negatively affect blood sugar levels and are often stored as fat. However, not all beers the … Read more

What Time Can You Buy Beer

What Time Can You Buy Beer?

If you suddenly crave a beer and want to buy some, you will need to check the time before you go out. Although you can always get alcohol online, most stores and bars have working … Read more

How Long Does Beer Stay in Your System

How Long Does Beer Stay in Your System?

Every time you enjoy a beer, a percentage of alcohol in your body will rise to a particular level. Still, there are certain situations where you don’t want the test to show the alcohol presence, … Read more

6 Tips to Get Rid of a Beer Belly

6 Tips to Get Rid of a Beer Belly

Have you ever suffered from depression, health problems, or embarrassment due to the beer belly? I admit that a beer belly has been a burden to me for a long time. Not only do I … Read more

How to Clean Beer Bottles (Tips & Guides)

How to Clean Beer Bottles? (Tips & Guides)

Most homebrewers use what they have in the house when making beer. Sometimes, they don’t have a proper piece of equipment or prefer reusing things, including glass bottles. Once you decide to make beer on … Read more

What Is a Beer Garden Everyting You Need to Know

What Is a Beer Garden? Everyting You Need to Know

The beer garden is one of the world’s most famous institutions established in Germany in the 16th century. At that time, Bavaria’s Brauordnung (regulations) limited the brewing production and forbade this activity from April to … Read more