What Are Hops In Beer (Why Add It)

What Are Hops In Beer? (Why Add It?)

Hops (Humulus lupulus) is a tall climbing plant containing oil resins and hop acids in each lupulin gland placed in a fruiting body. You should use that plant part to add bitterness, aroma, and preservative … Read more

5 Easy Steps to Force Carbonate Beer

5 Easy Steps to Force Carbonate Beer

Brewing your own beer at home is quite an exciting endeavor. Once your booze is ready, the final step is carbonation, which must be done before serving the beer and enjoying it with your mates. … Read more

How Long To Bottle Condition Beer

How Long To Bottle Condition Beer?

Bottle conditioning is a vital brewing phase that gives the beverage the final taste. If you brew beer for the first time, you will inevitably wonder how long to bottle condition beer. The answer to … Read more

How Non-Alcoholic Beer Is Made

How Non-Alcoholic Beer Is Made?

Can a person take beer without getting drunk? Yes- teetotalers too can take a beer or two without ruining their sobriety! The non-alcoholic beer gives you the original beer without the “drunk” effects of alcohol. The … Read more

9 Easy Steps to Make Ginger Beer

9 Easy Steps to Make Ginger Beer

Fresh, clean, and crisp, ginger beer is as comforting as it is refreshing. It brings back childhood memories of sipping on home-brewed ginger ale and in adulthood, it is an easy go-to-beverage for a chilled-out … Read more

11 Easy Steps to Make Butter Beer at Home

11 Easy Steps to Make Butter Beer at Home

The Harry Potter fantasy series popularized butterbeer but in reality, the alcoholic version of this beer style dates as far back as 1588. Then, it was known as buttered beere and it was drunk warm, … Read more

How To Brew Sour Beer

7 Easy Steps to Brew Sour Beer

Sour beer is all the rage among craft beer lovers. Although this is historically the oldest beer style, it is safe to say that modern-day sour beers do not come cheap. The good news is … Read more