8 Tips to Get Drunk Fast With Beer

Do you spend a lot on beers and still don’t get drunk as you wish? If you are reading this article, then you are in the right place. Not only will you know the tips of getting buzzed faster but also the type of beers that will make you enjoy the inebriation moment.

8 Tips to Get Drunk Fast With Beer 1

Typically, getting drunk is the sweetest thing to happen to any person. You always experience unique happiness that you wouldn’t get when you are sober. This mood is further livened at the company of friends. Are you eager to know how to get drunk fast with beer? Read on!

Tips on How to Get Drunk Faster With Beer

Take it from us, if you practice any of the following eight tips, getting drunk fast will be a breeze. You can pick a few that favors your situation and thank us later!

1. Take beer using a vaping tube

Take beer using a vaping tube

This technique will get you intoxicated in a matter of seconds. Here, you use a vaping tube to boil the beer to its evaporating point, and you smoke (like a cigarette) the vapor that comes out of the jar. You can also mix the alcohol with dry ice to make this vapor. Like any other inhaling substance, this beer vapor gets directly to your brain and intoxicate you in seconds.

2. Drink a beer faster

Drink a beer faster
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Have you ever taken food hurriedly? Probably you got satisfied in few minutes. That is the same case that applies to taking beer. Before you know it, you will have to take multiple beers and get plastered within a short time.

3. Indulge a liquor with high alcohol content

Indulge a liquor with high alcohol content

Probably you have come across an alcohol percentage tagged on the specific bottle you drink. In this case, you should take those drinks with over 15% alcohol or ethyl content. Even if your blood is somehow resistant to absorb the ethyl, it can’t manage five or higher alcohol content bottles of beers. Meanwhile, check these beers, and you will realize that some beers even range to more than 30% ABV (alcohol by volume).

4. Take a cold beer

Take a cold beer
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Do you hear guys ordering a cold beer, and you wonder why they like it? Probably your best guess is that those guys take cold beverages due to the scorching sun. Yes, you are halfway right, but those people know cold liquor makes one get plastered smoothly.

How cold drinks makes you drunk faster is a topic to discuss in chemistry terms. When you introduce a cold beer to your body, it makes the blood move faster. In this case, the blood races to generate heat that counters the cold substance. In the process, the blood will absorb much ethyl content.

5. Take a cocktail

Take a cocktail
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Perhaps you have seen people adding juices or other drinks in a beer. Most significantly, the mixing of beers with a soda or juice removes a liquor’s bitter taste. In the process, the cocktail will trick you into taking more alcohol, thinking that it is another juice.

On the same note, if you add other distillates like spirit in your beer, they will increase the drink’s alcohol content.

6. Drink without eating

Drink without eating
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Typically, what makes you get inebriated is the concentration of ethyl in your bloodstream. If you take alcohol with food, the blood will absorb some diet quicker than alcohol. What if you don’t take the product with any nutriment? Then only the alcohol will penetrate your blood.

7. Mix your beer with Tequila

Mix your beer with Tequila

Does Tequila sound familiar to you? If not, then you should know that Tequila adds ABV to your liquor. Tequila is a clear and fruity fermented liquid that comes from an agave plant. The unique thing you’ll like in Tequila is that it has about 50 % alcohol content. You only require few shots of it, and after that, you enjoy the mood.

8. Go to a lively disco or club

Go to a lively disco or club
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Try to drink at home with no music, disco lights, and mates. You will realize that you will get bored with your beer, and probably you won’t get intoxicated as you want. However, if you go to a disco, club, or any lively place with enthusiastic people, you’ll hurriedly sink into an inebriation mood.

How many beers you need to get drunk fast?

Did you know that the number of beers you take to get tipsy is not the same as other people? Mostly, bartenders or other people will tell you that you will get drunk with five and above bottles. But this is untrue because we get tanked-up differently because of the following factors.

  • Weight of a person

Have you ever wondered why most plump people don’t get intoxicated faster?  When you have more fat in your body, it prevents the ethyl from penetrating the bloodstream quickly. Therefore, if you are such a person, you need more than five drinks to get you ‘lifted.’

  • Your height

We bet you will be surprised to find out that tall people don’t get drunk quickly than short ones. When you are tall, you have a lot of body space for blood circulation. Therefore, the alcohol is easily distributed around a tall body by the blood circulation system.

  • Sex

Probably you have asked yourself a million times as to why females get inebriated earlier than men. Unlike ladies, men take more beer bottles because they are more tolerant to alcohol consumption; thus, the body distributes more alcohol content around their body.

On a scientific basis, ladies have less dehydrogenase in their bodies than men. This dehydrogenase is an enzyme that metabolizes or dilutes the alcohol concentration. If women have less of this enzyme, their alcohol centration is higher, making them take fewer beer bottles.

  • BAC content

Have you ever wondered why those heavy-drinkers take little beer and get boomed easily? The answer lies with BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) factor. This term reflects the percentage of alcohol content in your bloodstream.

If a person is fond of taking too much alcohol, the ethyl chemical will continuously multiply in that person’s body. In that case, if you have a higher BAC few beer shots are good to go.

  • Age

Typically, as you age, you inebriate rapidly with beer. You lose lots of muscles that are otherwise used to contain the concentration of alcohol. With children, they also get drunkard too quickly. That is because they have less body mass.

  • Body water

Some people have a high percentage of water in their bodies. That water helps in diluting the water and remove the toxicity of alcohol. Therefore if you are such a person, you need more uptake of beer.

However, uptake of more ethyl dehydrates you and increases the BAC element or ages you quickly. For that case, it is advisable to take more water as you take more alcohol.

Which are the strongest beers to get drunk fast?

Which are the strongest beers to get drunk fast
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Primarily, any strong beer means that it has higher alcohol content. In this case, we will list those brews with over forty percent alcohol content. Some of these drinks are common, and you can order them in any bar or online shop.

1. Blandin Espirit de Noel

If you like Italian brand, this is your taste. This beer is gentle, light and chocolate. It also offers a malty flavor and a bitter after-feel. With its 40% alcohol content, more than five bottles will make you intoxicated.

2. Brewdog Sink the Bismarck

You will love the bottle shape of Brewdog Sink beer. The drink is an Indian Pale Ale type. That means it is citric in taste with bitter hops. This BrewDog version is 41% in which is an upgrade of its earlier versions like Tokyo brew and Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

3. The End of History

Probably one of the expensive bottles, which rates $780. This brew also has a signature bottle, just like its other Brewdog counterpart. However, the Brewdog Company made this brand with 55% ABV (Alcohol by Volume). This Belgian ale is a mead product with berry notes.

4. Koelschip Start the future

Discover one of the world’s most decadent drink that reaches a 60% alcohol mark. This Netherlands brew offers a different character of taste and its bottle. You’ll find this beer in 330 ml bottles, and you can’t complete it alone.

5. Brewmeister Armageddon

Even by its name, you get to fear it. Unless you are a heavy-drinker, finishing even a quarter of this 65% brand can be impossible. The drink is light with barley malt, wheat, oats, and water.

6. Brewmeister Snake Venom

Apart from the Brewmeister Armageddon type, they have produced another scariest and the strongest one with 67.5% alcohol. Even for you daredevil, be extra careful when drinking Snake Venom.


We hope you have learned much from this article. The tips to get drunk faster will help you avoid the unnecessary cost of buying more beers to get intoxicated. You now know new techniques like using Tequila, smoking alcohol vapor, and using a cocktail drink to inebriate you quickly.

Furthermore, factors like age, size, height, BAC, and many others will help you determine how many bottles you can take. The content you can make. Otherwise, there are other types of beer brands with high ABV. Do you have a question? Please don’t hesitate to ask! We also wouldn’t mind you telling us the time it took a beer to inebriate you after applying our tips above.

8 Tips to Get Drunk Fast With Beer 2

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